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  • Ryan Proposes Streamlining Anti-poverty Programs

    Ryan Proposes Streamlining Anti poverty Programs 

    WASHINGTON | Rep. Paul Ryan proposed a new plan Thursday to merge up to 11 anti-poverty programs into a single grant program for states that he said would allow more flexibility to help lift people out of poverty.

  • Courts Clash Over Federal Health Care Law

    Courts Clash Over Federal Health Care Law 

    Two federal appeals court panels issued conflicting rulings Tuesday on whether the government could subsidize health insurance premiums for people in three dozen states that use the federal insurance exchange.

  • A Long To-Do List, But Can Congress Get Anything Done?

    A Long To Do List  But Can Congress Get Anything Done 

    WASHINGTON | A gridlocked Congress failed to do the big things: overhauling the nation's immigration system, reforming the loophole-cluttered tax code and stiffening background checks on gun buyers. Now it's time to see whether it can just do the...

  • Sen. Warren Excites Liberal Activists

    Sen  Warren Excites Liberal Activists

    DETROIT | Sen. Elizabeth Warren wowed a friendly crowd of influential liberal activists Friday in Detroit, pledging to fight against Republicans and the “sleazy lobbyists” she says have rigged the rules in Washington and harmed the...

  • Iowa Gives Christie a Taste of Things to Come

    Iowa Gives Christie a Taste of Things to Come

    MARION, Iowa | Inside a diner crammed with television cameras and national reporters in this town just outside Cedar Rapids, Joe Mallie gave a glimpse of the challenge that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie could confront in wooing conservative voters...

  • Afghan Pullout Plan Raising Fears

    Afghan Pullout Plan Raising Fears

    Afghanistan's disputed election and Iraq's unraveling are giving members of Congress and U.S. allies in the region reason to think President Barack Obama should rethink his decision to withdraw virtually all Americans troops from Afghanistan by the...

  • Obama's Foreign Crises Get More Challenging

    Obama s Foreign Crises Get More Challenging

    Surveying a dizzying array of international crises, President Barack Obama stated the obvious: "We live in a complex world and at a challenging time."

  • Texas Governor Perry Back In Iowa to Court Voters

    Texas Governor Perry Back In Iowa to Court Voters

    Texas Gov. Rick Perry is visiting Iowa for the fourth time in eight months, hoping for a second chance to win over Republican voters who delivered him a stinging caucus loss when he ran for president two years ago.

  • Votes in Congress

    The Senate on Thursday passed, 93-4, a bipartisan bill renewing through calendar 2021 a post-9/11 program of taxpayer backing to help the property and casualty insurance industry. A yes vote was to pass the bill.

  • Kids Enjoy ‘State Dinner' at White House

    Kids Enjoy   8216 State Dinner  at White House

    The White House band played gentle cocktail music as the guests arrived. The East Room's crystal chandeliers glittered over the neat table settings surrounded by the room's signature gold curtains.

  • Judge Lets Tea Party Lawsuit Advance

    A federal judge has allowed a lawsuit by 10 tea party groups to move forward against the Internal Revenue Service, rejecting a request by the federal government to dismiss all the allegations that the agency subjected conservative groups to...

  • Documents Reveal Talk On Iraq and Bin Laden

    Documents Reveal Talk On Iraq and Bin Laden

    President Bill Clinton's advisers carefully considered how to explain the president's military action against Iraq in 1998 as the House was debating his impeachment, according to records from the Clinton White House that were released Friday.

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